Tap o' War development post!

- 2017-04-27

A very long time ago (like half a year) a friend approached me and had some questions about how I would go about making a game idea he had. I suggested making it in Unity and making it in screen-space, but he insisted that it would be better to make it in world-space. Since I would never have gotten the idea to making this kind of a game in world-space I was curious and made a prototype for it. This game has now evolved into a pretty fully made game (a pretty shitty mobile game) and I am right now trying to finish everything up to release it for android.

The game is called Tap o' War and the gameplay is that you tap to increase a colored part of the screen. Right now there are two game modes: PvP and Survival. In PvP you fight against a local opponent (1 half of the screen each) and in Survival the objective is to keep the line from going off screen. Bellow is a quick gameplay example of the survival mode:

Next step is to finish up all the content that is needed to release it.

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