New longboard :D

- 2017-03-22

Hi! It was long overdue to get a new longboard so I finally bought one. Last time I bought a longboard it was an Warp generic thing I got for $50, so this time I wanted to do it right.

I got help from the longboarding subreddit (/r/longboarding) to pick out a setup that would be perfect for me. I decided on a commuter/freeriding setup with the potential to be used for more serious downhill riding.


  • Rayne Nemesis V3 - Shipwreck Graphic
  • Gullwing Reverse 10 inch Truck (white)
  • Madrid Flypaper Griptape 12 inch
  • Moonshine universal skate tool (apparently I'm going to find this very helpfull)
  • Powell Paralta Snakes 69mm wheels (red)
  • Venom Downhill Bushings (green)
  • Venom Downhill Bushings (red)
  • Zealous Bearings

Total Cost: 454€ (assembly included)

I truly love the graphic on the deck. At first I was going to go for a deck without graphic (pure wood), but I fell in love with the Rayne Shipwreck graphic so I decided to go with a board that has that graphic. At first I was going to go for the larger version (Demonseed), but after seeing a video of it I realized that it was far too big for me.

The rest of the setup I pretty much trusted the community to pick good things for me.

This is how the setup looks:

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