Making games for VR is hard!

- 2017-05-30

Over a year ago I bought my first VR setup. I chose to go with HTC Vive because at the time the Oculus didn't have any controllers released. Right from the start, I was in love, so much so that I could have paid double the price and still been satisfied. VR is amazing.

Now... I knew right away that I wanted to make games for VR because it felt like a fun challenge and a new fun media. My first idea was a snowball war game where you throw snowballs at either an AI or other players. I had already done some development for such a game (but without VR) so I "just" had to convert it to a VR game. This was the game:


As you can see, it's not very good. After some more development and converting it into a VR game, a different developer released a more polished version of the exact same game idea on steam so I gave up on the idea and moved on.

My next game idea was a backyard simulator where I wanted to bring in all the things that you do in the backyard of your house. Initially, the things I wanted to put in was Kubb, throwing knives, bow and arrows, and giant chess. The development went great and I felt like it was a pretty fun idea. But when I started working on networking I got into some problems with the technology and also got very busy in school (and generally in life) so I had to stop working on the game. Below is an example of the throwing knife (more a sword) I was working on.

During my time developing for VR I've realized how freaking hard it is. Trying to develop for VR is so limiting and frustrating sometimes. Not being able to work on the bus or train, having to take on and off the headset, having to move around to try bugs, etc etc etc. Since the technology is so new there aren't a lot of good resources for information on how to develop and design a VR game, so I mostly had to just try it myself and see if it works. Since it's such a different experience compared to developing a normal PC game I often found myself in a weird new situation and encountered weird bugs. One of these bugs was when I was working on making a throwing function and I accidentally made it move the whole player box:

Maybe a way of locomotion for VR games?

Right now I do have time to develop, but I don't have the energy to try and make something for VR. Maybe in the future, I can continue working on my projects and finish it.

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