Game project #2 for college!

- 2017-04-06

A few days ago (almost 2 weeks) we started our 2nd and last game project for the three years of college I am registered to. The school matches us programmers with students from other disciplines of game making. We are around 20 people who are over the next 10 weeks make a game together.

The game that my group is going to be making is called Whispers of the Ocean and it is supposed to be a game about the darker version of the mermaid myth/legend. It is going to be basically a swimming simulator with exploration elements and in the future, if we keep working past the 10 weeks, we plan on adding fighting and stealth to the game. 

My part in the project is primarily to make the movement system, but it is very hard to get it how we want it. The biggest goal of the project is to make a movement system that feels very natural and intuitive. So far the hardest part has been to make it feel natural, but I have a feeling that making it intuitive is going to be very hard.

The most recent part I added to the game was the "dash" function (a rapid increase of speed) which didn't go as plan:

As you can see it is far too fast, but it is already fixed to its correct behavior. The next part I will be tackling is to make it fly next to objects very naturally, like in Abzu which has pretty good under water movement.

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