Whispers of the Ocean

Whispers of the Ocean is a dark and gritty exploration game that drags you beneath the suns warm embrace, down to the bottom of the crystal blue sea. It tells our version of mermaids and their history. The game developed in Unreal Engine primarily for PC and it was developed during 10 weeks for a course in game development at Högskolan i Skövde. Because of technical issues, the game has not been released yet and at this point, there is no estimate for when it might be done.


My role was to be one of the gameplay developers and my primary focus was to develop the movement of the main character and the camera movement. I spent a lot of time studying both other games that have underwater movement and real life examples to get a movement system that acts realistically. Me and one of the designers worked closely to make sure the system worked as good as possible.

10 weeks
Gameplay Developer
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