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Improved front- & back-end
- 2017-04-02

Today I put in some actual work to try and improve my blog a bit. Most of the changes was on the back-end, which no one else will ever see (cause the code ugly as fuck and not really secure). I tried to improve the design a bit.

I got some help with the design decisions from a good friend of mine (LostSoul. who apparently wants to be called my 'lifepartner' instead of friend). We came to an agreement that I have too many boxes on my blog front-end. I am trying to go for a material design and boxes with shadows are pretty common (and I love them), but I decided to remove some of them and added a line under every single post instead.

Next up: Categories needs to be fixed and implemented.

Second post
- 2017-01-08

This is pretty much just a test to see that the CMS adding of posts works. It does!

I also started to work to add blog categories. Still a lot of work left.


Edit: Just added the ability to edit blog posts. It looks like it works :D

First post
- 2017-01-07

I felt like I needed somewhere to went and write what I am doing. So I decided to make a blog. I will write about anything and all things on here. Both work related things and personal stuff.

Since I wanted to make it from scratch this first blog post is written in directly in the MySQL database using phpMyAdmin.

Next step is to make the CMS part for the blog. It will be using the CMS that I am using for the rest of my portfolio. The CMS probably need to be redeveloped from the ground up some day when I have the time and energy...


Anyway! Welcome to my blog.

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