Fall Flappy Fall

Fall Flappy Fall
Duration 3 Months
Role Everything

Fall Flappy Fall is a 100% selfdeveloped game that I created in my Senior year of Highschool in my sparetime. The first version of the game was released on the 9th of March 2014 and has seen been updated a few times. Active development lasted 3 Months. Last update was released on the 18th of November 2015 which consisted of SDK updates. From release to last update (when I stopped development of the game) I got 26.000 installs and 10.000 devices having the app at the same time at the most.

All art, sound, programming, and design was made by me from scratch. Some of the art are heavily inspired of other games. I did some marketing in the form of free expostion with Reddit posts in a number of subreddits. In an attempt to improve the game I paid people Dogecoins to playtest and give feedback. This worked very well in both getting feedback and getting exposure.

In April of 2014 (a month after release) I decided to try and make som revenue from the game. I added ads in the form of popup ads when someone looses. In hindsight this was a very bad way of doing ads in a useability point of view (and I will never do it again), but it really worked when looking at the money side of things. The app made $156 in the first month of adding ads and made a total of $618 in the first year.