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Scariest thing I've ever done
- 2018-02-24

During the first game project in college, we had to do a presentation in front of the whole school and it was also live-streamed. For some reason, I volunteered to be one of the people in my group to do the presentation.

We were two people from the group who did the presentation, me (lead programmer) and our lead game writer. Our project leader/lead designer was supposed to join us, but she didn't have time to prepare so we decided to just do it with only us two. I was so nervous and scared of doing it that I almost didn't do it. I have in the past had a really hard time to talk in front of large groups of people, but the more I do it the easier it gets. The presentation went very good (in my opinion at least) and I'm really proud of the work me and the group did for the game. Below is the VOD of the live-stream the school did. We go on at the two hours and ten minutes mark.

It was super scary to do, but I am really glad I did it.

Making games for VR is hard!
- 2017-05-30

Over a year ago I bought my first VR setup. I chose to go with HTC Vive because at the time the Oculus didn't have any controllers released. Right from the start, I was in love, so much so that I could have paid double the price and still been satisfied. VR is amazing.

Now... I knew right away that I wanted to make games for VR because it felt like a fun challenge and a new fun media. My first idea was a snowball war game where you throw snowballs at either an AI or other players. I had already done some development for such a game (but without VR) so I "just" had to convert it to a VR game. This was the game:


As you can see, it's not very good. After some more development and converting it into a VR game, a different developer released a more polished version of the exact same game idea on steam so I gave up on the idea and moved on.

My next game idea was a backyard simulator where I wanted to bring in all the things that you do in the backyard of your house. Initially, the things I wanted to put in was Kubb, throwing knives, bow and arrows, and giant chess. The development went great and I felt like it was a pretty fun idea. But when I started working on networking I got into some problems with the technology and also got very busy in school (and generally in life) so I had to stop working on the game. Below is an example of the throwing knife (more a sword) I was working on.

During my time developing for VR I've realized how freaking hard it is. Trying to develop for VR is so limiting and frustrating sometimes. Not being able to work on the bus or train, having to take on and off the headset, having to move around to try bugs, etc etc etc. Since the technology is so new there aren't a lot of good resources for information on how to develop and design a VR game, so I mostly had to just try it myself and see if it works. Since it's such a different experience compared to developing a normal PC game I often found myself in a weird new situation and encountered weird bugs. One of these bugs was when I was working on making a throwing function and I accidentally made it move the whole player box:

Maybe a way of locomotion for VR games?

Right now I do have time to develop, but I don't have the energy to try and make something for VR. Maybe in the future, I can continue working on my projects and finish it.

Update on Whispers of the Ocean!
- 2017-05-15

7 weeks in and we have gotten a lot further with the game. It is getting close to being finished pretty much. Movement is starting to feel very solid and the world is shaping into place.

Gameplay video from the game.

Hopefully, we will be finished with the game this week so we can focus on other school stuff.

New game Tap o' War released!
- 2017-05-01

My game Tap o' War is now fully released on Google Play. The game is a very simple game with not very many features. It has two modes, survival (play against an AI) and PvP (local fight player vs player).

I don't think I am going to work anymore on the game. I mostly just wanted to get it released so I don't have a fully developed game just waiting to be released.

Tap o' War development post!
- 2017-04-27

A very long time ago (like half a year) a friend approached me and had some questions about how I would go about making a game idea he had. I suggested making it in Unity and making it in screen-space, but he insisted that it would be better to make it in world-space. Since I would never have gotten the idea to making this kind of a game in world-space I was curious and made a prototype for it. This game has now evolved into a pretty fully made game (a pretty shitty mobile game) and I am right now trying to finish everything up to release it for android.

The game is called Tap o' War and the gameplay is that you tap to increase a colored part of the screen. Right now there are two game modes: PvP and Survival. In PvP you fight against a local opponent (1 half of the screen each) and in Survival the objective is to keep the line from going off screen. Bellow is a quick gameplay example of the survival mode:

Next step is to finish up all the content that is needed to release it.

Game project #2 for college!
- 2017-04-06

A few days ago (almost 2 weeks) we started our 2nd and last game project for the three years of college I am registered to. The school matches us programmers with students from other disciplines of game making. We are around 20 people who are over the next 10 weeks make a game together.

The game that my group is going to be making is called Whispers of the Ocean and it is supposed to be a game about the darker version of the mermaid myth/legend. It is going to be basically a swimming simulator with exploration elements and in the future, if we keep working past the 10 weeks, we plan on adding fighting and stealth to the game. 

My part in the project is primarily to make the movement system, but it is very hard to get it how we want it. The biggest goal of the project is to make a movement system that feels very natural and intuitive. So far the hardest part has been to make it feel natural, but I have a feeling that making it intuitive is going to be very hard.

The most recent part I added to the game was the "dash" function (a rapid increase of speed) which didn't go as plan:

As you can see it is far too fast, but it is already fixed to its correct behavior. The next part I will be tackling is to make it fly next to objects very naturally, like in Abzu which has pretty good under water movement.

Improved front- & back-end
- 2017-04-02

Today I put in some actual work to try and improve my blog a bit. Most of the changes was on the back-end, which no one else will ever see (cause the code ugly as fuck and not really secure). I tried to improve the design a bit.

I got some help with the design decisions from a good friend of mine (LostSoul. who apparently wants to be called my 'lifepartner' instead of friend). We came to an agreement that I have too many boxes on my blog front-end. I am trying to go for a material design and boxes with shadows are pretty common (and I love them), but I decided to remove some of them and added a line under every single post instead.

Next up: Categories needs to be fixed and implemented.

New longboard :D
- 2017-03-22

Hi! It was long overdue to get a new longboard so I finally bought one. Last time I bought a longboard it was an Warp generic thing I got for $50, so this time I wanted to do it right.

I got help from the longboarding subreddit (/r/longboarding) to pick out a setup that would be perfect for me. I decided on a commuter/freeriding setup with the potential to be used for more serious downhill riding.


  • Rayne Nemesis V3 - Shipwreck Graphic
  • Gullwing Reverse 10 inch Truck (white)
  • Madrid Flypaper Griptape 12 inch
  • Moonshine universal skate tool (apparently I'm going to find this very helpfull)
  • Powell Paralta Snakes 69mm wheels (red)
  • Venom Downhill Bushings (green)
  • Venom Downhill Bushings (red)
  • Zealous Bearings

Total Cost: 454€ (assembly included)

I truly love the graphic on the deck. At first I was going to go for a deck without graphic (pure wood), but I fell in love with the Rayne Shipwreck graphic so I decided to go with a board that has that graphic. At first I was going to go for the larger version (Demonseed), but after seeing a video of it I realized that it was far too big for me.

The rest of the setup I pretty much trusted the community to pick good things for me.

This is how the setup looks:

Bucket list
- 2017-03-14


I've realized that I want to make a bucket list. I've never really done one before. The start of the list is going to be the 100 things I wrote down for the excercies I talked about in my last post.

Im still not sure if im going to post the whole list on here. For now its not going to be posted.

Life goals
- 2017-03-14


Welcome. This is my first real blog post I would say. I recently realized that I dont know what the fuck I want to do with my life, so my ex suggested a exercise where you say 100 things you want to achieve or do and sort it into 3 categories (A, B, and C). From the things added to category A you pick the 10 most important of those things and write a short text about why those things are goals to you.

So far I've made the list of 100 things and categorized it. Next step is to pick the 10 most important things in group A. The final list of the 10 things is:

  1. Graduate from some kind of college.
  2. Become good at italian.
  3. Buy a new longboard. DONE!
  4. Find love.
  5. Become healthy.
  6. Find what I want to do with my life.
  7. Learn to live without a SO (significant other).
  8. Be able to run 10km.
  9. Become good at cooking.
  10. Move to a different country.

These are the 10 things that are most important to me, and the things I should focus most of my energy on. The explanations on why they are on this list wont be post on here.

Edit: 1 down 9 to go.

Second post
- 2017-01-08

This is pretty much just a test to see that the CMS adding of posts works. It does!

I also started to work to add blog categories. Still a lot of work left.


Edit: Just added the ability to edit blog posts. It looks like it works :D

First post
- 2017-01-07

I felt like I needed somewhere to went and write what I am doing. So I decided to make a blog. I will write about anything and all things on here. Both work related things and personal stuff.

Since I wanted to make it from scratch this first blog post is written in directly in the MySQL database using phpMyAdmin.

Next step is to make the CMS part for the blog. It will be using the CMS that I am using for the rest of my portfolio. The CMS probably need to be redeveloped from the ground up some day when I have the time and energy...


Anyway! Welcome to my blog.


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